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S.E. Hardy

The question.

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isn't who to vote for... it's who to vote against.


A vote for 3rd party is a vote for Bush, not voting is a vote for Bush. I'm not really a 'Kerry fan'. But with Bush we know what the next 4 years will be, there's a chance that Kerry could be a great president--I'm not holding my breath, but there is a chance and we need to take it.


Just my 2 cents.

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yes, i guess the point is whether to choose Kerry or to vote against Bush... most of the people I know from the States are democrats (almost everybody actually) and not many of them are very happy with Kerry (they don't see him as the best candidate to be president of the USA), but of course, no matter how lil they like him, their vote is gonna be against Bush, and that's their campaign (as those bands, among them REM, are proclaiming: they are not touring to ask for the vote for Kerry, they're touring to ask for the vote AGAISNT Bush)

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