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Trailer Park Boys?

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I don't think this topic has been done before.


what do you think of the show?


personally, i love it.. its so stupid its funny. Disapointing that its not on us tv.. well least the standard cable channels. (apparently it sucks to watch on american tv, everythings bleeped out)

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TPB kicks ass...i love watching it. It gives me a good laugh.


Although i found it revolting that they went on Tour with Our Lady Peace.


I love Bubbles. And that guy who is played by the host of Jonovision? Remember that show...do you know who i'm talking about. Sorry i can't remember the name of the character or actor.


Ricky is the dumbest piece of shit ever. He is so funny.


Last episode i saw was the one where the mountain lion got addicted to marjuana...Hilarious.

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A pretty damn good show.

When I went to viewfinders, the creator of the show had a lecture/presentation. I found that he was slightly hypocitical concerning other shows on television, and of course, all of the stupid film students agreed with everything and added stunningly brilliant comments such as "because it's THE MAN!".

This pissed me off, and turned me off the show for awhile, but I mean, it's a good show. Plus, you basically can't walk out the door without seeing one of the actors, so it's a big thing in my community.

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Bubbles: It's the fucking sasquatch!

Not sasquatch, Sam-squantch



And am I the only one who doesn't think Bubbles is the funniest character? Ricky is BY FAR the funniest.


Season 4 kind of dissapointed me though, definitely not as good as Season 3. Season 5 should be interesting though, with Cory and Trevor being the new enemies instead of Randy and Lahey.

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