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he took the comment section off of his mblog... grr... i hope no one tried to trash up his webpage... if someone did... i hope mg flogs him... and flogs him good. hmpf. ...ach. that sucks. anyway... i emailed him in regards to the post about beginning a fan message board... here's the email:



i completely understand your concern about someone trashing up your webpage... but, i'm not sure that the fan message board is going to be a big hit. sure, ...some will use it. but, most of your fans know about "the bored" (www.nearfantastica.com/bored) thanks to anton, kat, and dan.... it's alot of fun. ..but, the biggest hit of the comment section of your blog is the fact that you yourself comment in response to others comments and we (your fans) get the thrill of hearing directly from you... or atleast knowing that you've read what we've posted.

so, anyway.... that's about all i have to say. i wish you could figure out a different way to solve this problem. is there any specific reason that you just now began to worry about this? (or did someone really do something inappropriate...?) anyways, i hope you figure things out.


take care, jen"




maybe he'll find a way to monitor it... or have it monitored without wasting his own time. ... i hope so. ;)

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