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How long have you been a Matthew Good fan?

How long?  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. How long?

    • Just recently (since White Light Rock & Roll Review)
    • 1 year (since Avalanche)
    • 2-3 years (since The Audio Of Being)
    • 3-5 years (since Beautiful Midnight)
    • 5-7 years (since Underdogs)
    • 7-9 years (since Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts)
    • 9+ years (since before their first album!!!)

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I remember seeing the video for symbolistic white walls and thinking.. damn that singer's lips are really red in this video.. back in 1996.. and to think that band would end up being my favourite band ever made...


i didnt realize it was MGB that did Symbolstic White Walls until the video for everything is automatic came out.. and shot up the muchmusic countdown.. and they did a spotlight and showed SWW>. and iw as like "wow.. that lipstick singer video was made by these guys!?!?"... so yes.. since Everything is Automatic came out.. ive been a fan ;)

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I find it hard to believe you had a chance to listen to Matt's Music before LOTGA if you lived on the other side of the country. thats just me though. What did he do? Indy shows in vancouver?

Yup, indy shows. My sister lived in Vancouver. She used to spend her weekends checking out new artists and bands. She introduced me to Matt's music right around that time. Actually, she still has one or two of the original casettes. Pretty cool stuff.


But hey, you can believe what you'd like. B)

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Geeze, lets see.. I've allways liked his music, everything i've heard on the radio.. i believe the first song i started to get into was rico, which i remember seeing on muchmusic.


I didnt start to really fully respect matt good as an artist till i saw him live at molson's snow jam in vancouver, i believe it was 01.. i could be wrong though.

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I bought LoTGA when I was 11 or 12.... my brother gave it too me as a joke because I kept telling him that I was gonna be an astronaut when I grew up. So I bought it with the money I stole from him earlier while he was teasing me about being an astronaut... take that for irony. Anyways... I ended up liking it and I'm now studying Business at McMaster... so...yah...the whole astronaut dream is out the window clearly.

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First time I heard Everything Is Automatic I was hooked. I didn't buy Underdogs until shortly before Beautiful Midnight came out though. Then I bought BM when it came out and quickly bought Last of the Ghetto Astronauts and Raygun (at the same time). I've since bought each album as they've come out within a week of them being released.


I just wished I'd become a fan a little sooner. I could have gotten Lo-fi B-sides. Curses!

/shakes fist in anger

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Ya, i know the feeling of getting CD's right of the bat. I Got WLRRR a few hours after HMV opened the day it came out. i even did the 1km run from my music exam to the store because the bus wouldve taken too long. that was a fine day

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