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Matthew Good [Band] Elimination

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Results From Group B

1) Rat Who Would Be King 17 vs Flight Recorder From Viking VII 7

2) Suburbia 20 vs Invasion One 4

3) Sort of a Protest Song 16 vs Generation X-Wing 8

4) It’s Been a While Since I Was Your Man 3 vs Tripoli 21

5) Antipop 10 vs Avalanche 14

6) Man From Harold Wood 1 vs Running For Home 23


Notes: Interesting that Antipop faired better than Symbolistic White Walls in facing Avalanche.

In MGB March Madness, Man From Harold Wood lost 17-0 to Running For Home. That brings the total to 40-1. Ouch.



1) Load Me Up (15-8 --- Ranked #29) vs Truffle Pigs (14-4 --- Ranked #19

---“Load Me Up” enters round 2 after defeating “I Miss New Wave” 15-8 in round 1.

---“Truffle Pigs” is coming off a 14-4 victory over “So Long Mrs Smith” in round 1

My Pick: This is sooo hard for me to pick, because both songs are ones I’ve recently been listening to more often. I guess Load Me Up.. because

Prediction: ..I’m thinking Truffle Pigs will win, so I want to give Load Me Up some help to make it super close.


2) Everything is Automatic (14-2 --- Ranked #7) vs Born To Kill (12-9 –Ranked #38)

--- “Everything is Automatic” enjoyed a 14-2 victory over “Can’t Explain” in their first round match.

--- “Born To Kill” knocked off “Man of Action” by a 12-9 margin.

My Pick: Everything is Automatic..

Prediction: I think EIA could pull off the upset.. to think a victory for EIA is an upset.. wow.


3) My Out of Style is Coming Back (20-3 -- Ranked #8) vs Haven’t Slept in Years (13-10--- Ranked #39)

---“My Out of Style is Coming Back” is coming off a huge 20-3 victory over Vermillion.

---“Havent Slept in Years” is looking to continue its win streak after a 13-10 win over “Near Fantastica (Acoustic)”.

My Pick: Although I love Havent Slept in Years.. I just love My Out of Style is Coming Back toooo much.

Prediction: Yeah, out of style ought to pick up the victory.


4) Prime Time Deliverance (16-4 --- Ranked #15) vs Lullaby For The New World Order (11-9 – Ranked #42)

---“Prime Time Deliverance” is coming off a 16-4 victory over “In Love With a Bad Idea” in round 1 action.

---“Lullaby For The New World Order” is into round 2 after a 11-9 squeaker against “Change of Season.”

My Pick: Prime Time Deliverance.. no doubt!

Prediction: This is gonna basically be a chance for PTD to score some points and strengthen its ranking.


5) We’re So Heavy (12-6 --- Ranked #26) vs A Boy and His Machine Gun (17-6 --- Ranked #23)

---“We’re So Heavy” doubled up on “Double Life” with a 12-6 win.

---“A Boy and His Machine Gun” knocked off “Going All The Way” with a 17-6 win.

My Pick: Damn.. my favourite song from WLRRR vs my favourite song from Beautiful Midnight…. I’m gonna go with A Boy and His Machine Gun.

Prediction: I'm gonna go with ABAHMG with this one.


6) Fated (18-2 --- Ranked #5) vs Giant (10-6 --- Ranked #20)

---“Fated” enters round 2 after destroying “All Together” 18-2.

---“Giant” is taking the momentum from a 12-4 win over “She’s Got a New Disguise.”

My Pick: Fated

Prediction: This could potentially be close.. because Fated is amazing, and Giant made it to 5th place in March.


Come back on Monday Sept 27 2004 for this group’s results, and the matchups for group D.

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1. Load Me Up

2. Everything is Automatic (Matt Good classic, should not lose)3. My Out of Style is Coming Back (I'm bored but I'm excited.)

4. Prime Time Deliverance

5. We're So Heavy (this beats A Boy and His Machine Gun soooo badly... We're So Heavy is like 3 godly Matt Good songs in one.... so let's start the "We're so Heavy" rally... cause it's gettin creamed... Boy and His Machine Gun is awesome though... especially the creepy ending)

6. Giant

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1) Load Me Up

2) Everything Is Automatic

3) My Out Of Style Is Coming Back

4) Prime Time Deliverance (this one will crush lullabye)

5) A Boy And His Machine Gun

6) Giant



Man, so many classics coming up now. Round 3 is going to be killer. Im gonna go CRAZY!

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Basically, he takes all MG/B songs and matches them up against each other and we vote for which one we prefer, the winner of each match-up moves on and will face another winner in the next round.


It's like a tournament of MG/B songs, and when we are done we will be left with like a top 10 voted for songs, and one favourite pretty much.


I like it.

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If you know anyone who has not yet voted, ask them what POSSIBLE reason they have for not voting.. hehe.. and no "I was abducted by space monkeys is not good enough.. becuase those monkeys would still have internet!*


I just do not want to eliminate Everything is Automatic or Born To Kill via a tiebreak. After the first round, we end up with some tougher battles, so to be kind to both songs, I'd prefer having another voter break the tie, rather than going by something based on luck.



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