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Gilmore Girls

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I love Dawson's Creek. Although it kind of fell apart when they graduated from high school.


The series finale was also the first episode I saw. Then after I spent my summer watching four episodes of it a day on TBS and I saw the finale again, it made me cry.



To the guys: Who thinks Rory would be the perfect girlfriend?

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i can name a wittier show! 7th heaven oh yeah...and reba..and Surivor...wait i just named showes that i have only seen comercial for and nothing more....im sorry... the only TV SHOW that i watch is will and grace, and only that because i like seeing gys kiss, and i dont recall even seeing any of that in teh whole 2 episodes ive seen. i dont get out much, vidio games and anime...AND music vids is were im at, tv just doesnt do it for me...except Conan!



OMG that is better than everything...I win! Conan OèBrian OWns all!!!!

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and gilmor girls is less about witty lines and more about character humor....like northern exposure....a bunch of weird characters and how they interact with each other...thats why it amuses me...and dont laugh damn you all!

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