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Are you buying the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD?

Are you buying/have you bought the Star Wars DVDs?  

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  1. 1. Are you buying/have you bought the Star Wars DVDs?

    • I've bought the trilogy
    • I plan on buying the trilogy
    • I'm not gonna get it

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I bought the set the first day it came out. I'm really disappointed in the extras. The documentary was cool but they didn't include any deleted scenes. I was a little disappointed that TPM and AOTC were both 2 disc sets and then the classic trilogy was just one disc per movie and an extra dvd about the trilogy. They should have gone the way of the Alien Quadrilogy, one disc per movie (containing both theatrical AND special editions), one disc per movie for extras and then another disc full of extras incompassing the whole series.




Yes, Lucas did change the movies again, these DVDs are different then the special editions that came out in 97. I'm happy with most of the changes. Greedo still shoots first, but they sped it up so they almost shoot at the same time. Jabba in ANH looks better than he did in 97. The replaced the Emperor from TESB with Ian McDirmond who played him in ROTJ and in the prequel trilogy and they added some new lines to the scene. They got rid of Luke's yell when he jumps in Cloud City that they added in 97. And in ROTJ they replaced Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Christensen as Anakin's ghost at the end, but they didn't age Hayden at all so he looks younger than Luke which is pretty dumb. And I think the added Naboo into the celebration scene at the end of ROTJ.


That is all of the really noticible changes.

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