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HELP - live 'suburbia' lyrics

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Greetings kids.


A lot of the ol' Matt Good sites seem to have diminished, cos i tried to suss this out before posting my question.

The live add-on lyrics and clips to several songs such as 'future is x-rated' as well as 'suburbia' floated around on many sites for awhile.

I thought disorientation had some live lyrics, but turns out i was wrong. I also tried this site and even massacre in disguise.

But no luck - so thats where you bright eyed, carefully-tuned listeners come in.


During the Munich 99' live version of SUBURBIA, Matt kinda mumbles off some added-on lyrics for about 30 seconds ... these were used throught the beautful midnight tour as well.

Right after he sings "youre missing, we are there" for the last time, at about 5.30 of the Munich version ...


I made an attempt at transcribing, so be kind. Pretty sure a few of these lines arent right.


"sweet im sleepy

feels like the real thing

the doctor isnt confident

the pills always win

constantly travelling

dont see ----------

the parts you had forgotten

all unearthed"


anyones help would be much appreciated.

g'luck young grasshoppers


and thank you in advance!

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