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an attempt

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im just gonna take a stab in the dark here...


anyone feeling kind and generous enough to donate some songs or even NF $$$ to me?? or even just add me to their msn to send some tracks that way ... ?????


pretty pretentious of me to ask i know...

but sometimes "you gotta keep kickin at the dark until it beelds daylight"


and, its all for a good cause...im on a mission, a personal quest really.

tryin to obtain all bonus/bside tracks. will compose a stellar mix cd. could result in a match made in heaven ... maybe just wishful thinkin.


ive heard these but have been unable to get 'em on my comp.

big city life

4 min mile

cant get shot

comfortable criminals


and these, i mean its tragic, i havent even heard these ones...really, there should be a law ...


pony boy

all together

shouldve been a super villain


someone mentioned the HUB...what is it, how do i get access??

i will undergo a series of rigorous tests til the high-up and rich people in here deem me responsible and capable of owning such rare finds.


just a monkey. really only a monkey. in a long line ...

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Alright, I'm jumping on the begging band wagon... I just saw that there were 3 pages worth of stuff in the NF store.... Now I'm having a freak out or something... So anyone willing to make minor donations would be greatly appreciated... I've been posting pretty regularly... so anything would be great, ty (And anyone who gives me $1 as a joke will feel the wrath of my inability to do anything).

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