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Devil On Rollerskates

least favourite matt good songs

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hmm i guess its easier to go by albums:


LOTGA - Fearless

Raygun - So Long Mrs Smith

Underdogs - Invasion 1 and Middle Class Gangsters

Beautiful Midnight - Jenni's Song

Loser Anthems - Man From Harold Wood

Audio of Being - Rat Who Would Be King

Avalanche - Double Life, Song For The Girl, House of Smoke and Mirrors

WLRRR - Poor Man's Grey, Blue Skies Over Badlands

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i love coming out in purple!!! *crusader spanking*

*coughs* oh yeah. freedom of opinion. uh...


my least favourite would be saturday the 12th. what's the story behind that song anyways? were they high? hehehhe.

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LOTGA:Every Name Is My Name

Raygun:Haven't Slept In Years

Underdogs:Strangest One Of All

Lo-Fi B-Sides:Enjoy The Silence

Beautiful Midnight:Going All The Way

Loser Anthems:M. Good v M. Trolley


Avalanche:Song For The Girl

WLRRR:Put Out Your Lights


Wow, those were really hard to choose. There aren't really any I don't like.

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WLRRR - Poor Man's Grey, Blue Skies Over Badlands

Wow, arguably two of Matt's best songs as a solo artist...

Poor Man's Grey?


Best song as a solo artist?





Anyways, for me, Song for the Girl is the ultimate le suck.


Those nah nah nahs get me every time.



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Oh man, I can't believe some of these answers.... lol, it's just so surprising... some of the songs ppl have listed are some of Matt's best.... and some people listed like 5 songs.... argh... that's as far as my frustration is going to take me, before I start offending ppl. I suppose it's all personal opinion anyways....


What's my least favourite song, probably "Every Name is My Name" but I still like it a lot, especially the end ;).

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hehe, he won't play Hopeless in the concerts I don't think... that song will be saved for close quarter concerts in very small venues I bet. Anyways, you need to get passed the stage where you can't accept the country/folk instrumentation... just feel the flow of his voice and rythm.... good stuff... but, each to his own... you're not going to like every single song... let's face it.

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