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Devil On Rollerskates

least favourite matt good songs

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Radio Bomb


Middle Class Gangsters



Hello Time Bomb

Load Me Up

Jenni's Song

Carmelina (Dear God)

The Fall of Man


The Workers Sing a Song of yada yada

My Life as a Circus Clown

In A World Called Catastrophe (I don't mind it sometimes)

Put Out Your lights

North American

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You Are Here

A Better Pain

Joe's In Trouble

Heather's Like Sunday

Casual Walks


Mostly I don't dislike them...I just won't go out of my way to listen to them. I also had some song called Divine Apathy that may or may not be Matt...I can't tell. It may even be two people for allI know. Given that I can't find mention of it anywhere...it's probably not him.

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OMG, why?! You don't like anything off of the new album at all? You can't find it in your heart to appreciate one song on that c.d..... MG spills his guts out about the world.... and you just don't like it... lol.... sry I'm just an ass sometimes... some ppl just don't like the sound, i know.... i know.


P.S. I don't know.

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Sometimes people just hate albums. I hate Underdogs. Well actually, that's not true. I do like a few songs off Underdogs. Mostly I hate it though.



...Yeah, I gotta go.

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Underdogs... nooooooo.... how? I don't understand how you can like 3-4 albums from someone and then just not like one.... it's the same voice... usually the same style, albeit Underdogs is MGB... but if you like BM how can't you like Underdogs!!! lol... i don't understand it... someone give me an explanation.

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