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forgotten lyrics?

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i had a query

when i went and saw matt in orangeville a few weeks back, during North American For Life, he skipped the lyrics "george is teachin the kids to fight - look at the world and tell me its alright"


anyone else at the show notice this?


was it just a one-time thing, or has anyone else noticed this at recent shows??


he doesnt strike me as the type for self-censorship ... and he was in a pretty terrible mood, seemed to have had a bit to drink...just kinda surprised me, cos i always wait for those lyrics

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Maybe he feels it's too controversial... It wouldn't be the first time artists remove lyrics, not because they believe it's inappropriate or false, but because they think there's somewhat of a potential for ppl being somewhat offended.... a lot of casual listeners at a concert might get rowdy after hearing something like that, especially if they're American Bush supporters or even Canadian.

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He also skipped those lines at the show I went to. Instead there was sort of a breakdown at that part of the song.


Besides... I think "George is teaching the kids to fight" is the worst line Matt has written on any of the last four albums.

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Yah, I suppose you guys are right, you bring up a good point with "21st Century Living" because he did the whole anti-iraq content in the tour. Maybe he was avoiding it because he just felt it didn't suit his mood at the time... he'll sing songs differently based on his present mood at that instant.... lots of artists do that.

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