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NeEd HeLp FiNdInG sOnGs

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How does one get his hands on some of those songs from Lo-Fi... especially considering he doesn't have Kazaa... anyone know any links or something...especially for Fine Art of Falling Apart (which I've heard twice... from the MG site before it chaged)

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I got 'All Together' and 'Pony Boy' over Limewire. Somedays there's lots and others there's nothing.

exactly. I use Limewire also. Try going on whatever p2p program u have at different times of the day, and every once and a while you'll find new songs. Just be patient.


Last night i found Pony Boy and 'As Long as Your Mine' on Limewire.

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Hey ood_mutler, is the Australian Hello Time Bomb single still available?? If so, I would so buy it, and give you the money for it plus more as a thanks. ;)


If anyone wants the mgb tracks.. I've got them.. but just to be fair to Anton and the NF board, I wont send out the mp3s of songs that are available at the NF store. :angry:

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The Hello Time Bomb single would have been deleted in Australia a long time ago. That's why I was so shocked when I saw it. I looked through the stores cd singles, but there was only one copy. I'll keep looking around, and yell out if I find one. It's doubtful i'll find another copy..but you never know.

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