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There is an mblog poll on the official website:


Question: If artists could independently offer downloads of their music (songs or whole albums) on their websites directly to fans (not through a record company) via a payment method (such as PayPal) would you support it?



Please choose one of the following:

Yes I would

No I would not

I will download for free no matter




How did you answer? Have you ever downloaded of a website via a method payment? Comments?



Well i would definately support it. I have only done it once before from the metallica website. For $12 i downloaded the whole Calgary concert that i went to. That god that my mom allows me to use her credit card.

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I certainly wouldn't want that to be the main mode of marketing... I still want to be able to purchase songs from the stores... It's a major inconvenience for ppl who lack the technology as well as the security to d/l from the internet all the time... I just think that it represses too many fans who either don't have access to the net... or have highspeed... or are willing to use it.

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Personally, I'd support the idea... but i wouldn't download anything off the website for money. Yes, giving matthew good the money directly instead of the record company is a good thing, that he deserves. Just i've never boughten anything off the internet before, so i dont believe i'd start....

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I'd be all for going through the artist rather than the label, but I don't believe in paying for mp3s. I'm not necesarily pro-piracy but I'm not going to shell out money to anyone for something as impermanent as an mp3. What happens if my harddrive gets slagged before I get a chance to rip the file? Then I've blown that money for nothing. Now if they were offering CDs, that would be completely different.

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Yah, but is it fair to the ppl who can't d/l the songs because they don't have the technological necessities? Like.... My comp is so terrible... most links don't even work for me... and I certaintly can't manage Kazaa or anything like that.. heck it takes me 1/2 hour to d/l songs from the site (although that doesn't stop me).... I'd just be worried about accessibility and I wouldn't want to leave anyone else.. it doesn't seem fair to those non internet users.

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