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Resident Evil 2

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well im kinda sick of movies based on games, shows and comics...Wel, the Bman will never get old, But spiderman movies suck, and im sure if they made a live action Pokemon move...id probably go see it couse i actully would want to see them pull that off...But a Sould Calibur Movie..id see that to, well...A urvivor movie... i think not!

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the original Dawn Of The Dead is hands down, the best zombie movie ever made.

well lets just wait till we see Shawn of the Dead..then we can compare...ah, Zombies... i love them so...especially when they eat people...the goodness of it Puss.

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i like slipknot, but they arnt my favorite, am i worthless then? i mean LP is tied With MG for my favorite bnand spot...lets jsut say i dont have a favorite, just MG and LP tie in the 1st position on my listening list...ew madona....

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