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I have:


the Bombmaker

Last of the Ghetto Astronauts

the Ocean


Brand New Tune



Second Sun



Heathers like Sunday

Dancing Invisible

Mercy Misses You

Joe's in Trouble

Whispering in the Dark


If birds don't fly straight

Coming Out in Purple

You are Here

The Last Poem's Poet

Saturday the 12th

Folk singer


Requiem for Rosemary


South of Summer

End song (which is not the same as Endsong!)

Break in the Rhythm

Casual Walks

Waiting for the Great Destruction

Go Fly Blind

As long as you're mine (my personal favourite)

A Better Pain


Quite a lot, ne? ;)


Edit: Oh, and Life beyond the minimum safe distance is not a demo. It was on Loser Anthems.

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Hey guys kind anew to this forum stuff, anyone know where I can dowload Matt's demos had them all at one time my comp blew up and I lost em... Kazzaa sucks cant find them anywhere ... I link would be great thanks

P.S Prime Time Deliverance is the best song ever....

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since I'm in Madrid (Spain), I don't have the chance to buy his demos... as Langer, does anyone know where I can download them? I don't have any of his demos... I have his albums but not his demos

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I've got one of the original "history teacher" double disc sets.. I feel lucky. I have more MG stuff than I can shake a stick at, it's one of those things I obsess over. What's funny is that since I'm in the US, everyone's like "why do you have all this Matthew Good stuff, who is this guy".. which is why I'm so pissed I missed the autographed pre-order on maple music..


- JB

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