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A request about the store

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and make them cheaper, cause I'm cheap... No, because some of them are so expensive and you can only post so many god damn replies lol.... Anyways... the dates would be cool.. like when was that "running for home".... well done though... that live running from home is really impressive.... sounds better than the recorded version.. ;)

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lol, but can I make the economical comparison here?


You elitest's are like the CEO's of some major corporation, with your thousands of $NF... I'm like some miserable janitor...putting in my best effort here..lol, it's not fair....You just wait.. I'm gonna start another communist revolution... All power to the Bolsheviks!!!!!!!!


p.s. my obsessive posting for nf$ has clearly caused this outbreak of insanity.... give the janitor a break?

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indeed, unused.... real shame (p.s. gimme nf$) what? did I say that outloud.... cause what I meant is I love you guys... in a friendly way....of course... although there's nothing wrong with homosexuality.... God it's so hard to be politically correct nowadays... thank god I don't have MG's job... cause u can never satisfy everyone....


Anyways... what's the news on what appears on the store? What's coming up....? I need a "load me up" live version with lead guitar... since I've never heard it live with that instrumentation...;)

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