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Drawing Of Matt

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That's pretty damn good.. what grade are you in.. you should send that to MG... maybe he'll give you the lyrics of Big City Life for it ;) keep up the good work, there's some talent there.. I'd buy it with a little polishing here and there.

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It's MG, I'm sure he'd show appreciation.. he realizes the time and effort something like that takes... it's not just a drawing... it's a show of affection... the fact that you would take the time to do something like that shows that you appreciate him that much, for his work and effort as a Canadian musician... I'd go for it... nothing bad can happen.

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I'm sure he'd appreciate it, But I'd rather present him with something that I was really proud of.

I'm a perfectionist like Leonardo.


But I suppose it'd be like the time I gave paul Gross a drawing of him as frazer. I was 9 or something and he ended up sending me back a really cool photo signed saying, "Thank You kindly Kathryn.


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It looks more like him now. I changed the lips and made them a little longer, the right side of the face more straight insteast of curved a bit,and the nose.


I'll be doing several more drawings but my last will be in watercolour.

This is just practice.

Paul Gross is the dude from Due South if you've seen the show.


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