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Put Out Your Lights Tour

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Yo, I'm interested in knowing what concerts you guys are gonna be at.... because it would be awesome to spend a concert with someone that is actually an intense Matthew Good fan.... I'm going to be at Hamilton on Nov.5th... how bout you guys? I live in Hamilton and I've been to his concerts here... so anyone coming beware of smog and certain death. Now, who's still coming?

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Calgary Show on October 15...


...i know that October (aaron) will be there (lucky bastard with his guest list passes)...haha just kidding buddy...but seriously i'm jealous.


...so who else is going to the Calgary Concert...

...i'm tempted to where a shirt that will advertise NF.com

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Awesome, looks like we got MG covered... too bad no-ones gonna be at the Hamilton show.. I don't blame you guys though... no-one lives there and it's smog city.... anyways...enjoy the shows..I hope I see some of yah at a concert one day ;)

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