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Why Geoff Left Mgb

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Actually,Maverick is sorta right. I was sick of touring 'cause all I wanted to do was build guitars at that point.That's kinda hard to do in a tour bus ya know!

I got married to Lissafurr {ex JP5 bassist}moved to Ottawa and worked at Lauzon's Music as manager, got sick of that and moved back to Van and hooked up with my friend Tonybigchops {ex Motorama}. Lis,him and I are starting up Metrosonic Guitars this summer.

And I have seen Dave a few times and spoken to Ian on the phone.We're still friends....

Cheers Geoff.."The old guy".

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I read a Chart interview where he said that he didn't feel like he was contributing enough to the music of the band and didn't want to be a burden on the rest of them, or something like that.

There is no way Geoff could have considered himself to not contribute enough to the band, Underdogs and especially LOTGA have some amazing bass riffs. Not to discredit Rich, but Geoff's bass playing in the first albums, were so influential on the way each song sounded. Symbolistic White Walls and Indestructible (the first two songs I thought of in 2 sec) had brilliant basslines.. it made the songs seem so much more intense.

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Being online, i just wondered if you could answer me a question.


Around when did you and Ian come into the scene?


LotGA? Euphony? 15 Hours? Or was it earlier?


I don't believe anyone has covered this part of MG's Career.


And what do you think of MG's newer stuff?

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O.M.G.!All I remember was sittin' in the office of the rehearsal studio that I ran {Matt rehearsed there}and gettin' a phone call from Matt,from Alberta, sayin' he just fired his whole band and would I play w/him and find a drummer.I walked down the hall,knocked on a door and asked Ian to step out fer a sec.

He was playin' w/ a band called "The Spiders" {the guitar player was the best man at my wedding 3 yrs ago BTW}and told him about the gig.He said he'd think about it an' get back to me.Well, you know the rest...LOTGA was born.And awayyyyy we go!

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That's just b.s. for, "I got sick and tired of rock and roll life."

I tend to think more what maverick says than that "he didnt contribute enough..." he's a great musician

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by the way, i love the bass riff on indestructible. always reminds me of my girlfriend. long story behind that, but it will always remind me of Lauren.


so thank you muchly.


edit: the story can be told, if you're bored or something.

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EDIT: This is in response to the Matt's the songwriter comment.


Well, you had a part in a few, as i recall ;)

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working on it.


ok, let's see. long and somewhat cliched, but not as long as i might think.




ok, i started getting into Matthew Good [band] about a year ago. i've always loved the riffs and musicality, but like many bands i know of, i just hadn't really heard enough and such. anyways, i was bored and slacking (like many teens) and i was on the matthewgood.org site one night. someone was complaining about why a concert was going to be 19+, ticket prices, etc... and at the time, there was this scrolling forum like thing. i know i'm explaining this horribly. anyways.


i ranted and posted once on this little scrolling message thing, and Lauren happened to add me to msn at that point. anyways, i remember i was sitting here, and listening to indestructible. she signed in for the first time or whatever, and i was like, uh, do i know you? and, i didn't. we became close friends fast, and it just progressed from there. i'm skimming over a lot, of course. anyways...


reasons why indestructible always makes me think of her.


when she signed in the first time, the lyric in her name was, 'if i go away again, you can have my stereo.'


i was listening to indestructible at that time, and that same lyric played as she signed on.


and yes, i really do remember all of this.


plus, i have the msn plus rigged to play indestructible every time she signs on, so every time i hear that bass riff, i look around for her and feel sad when she's not around.


furthermore, great song.


so that's why indestructible always reminds me of Lauren.

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No, I didn't mean it that way.I mean, you get four guys in a room that are all gifted musicians and one happenens to have the gift to write incredible songs,the others just follow along.I was just doing my job as a bass player and hopefully adding some umph where needed.I don't think I wrote squat except the bass riff in Indestructable which Ian and I were jamming on before Matt showed up for rehearsal.He WROTE the song,I just jammed the part with Ian.Without Matt writing a song around it {in less than 24 hr's,I might add}the riff would be nothing but another riff that no one would have heard.Ever.

Sorry for coming off as a cocky S.O.B.


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