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Auction For Amnesty Or Greenpeace

Would you donate money for a painting or drawing of MG?  

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  1. 1. Would you donate money for a painting or drawing of MG?

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    • This is a bad idea

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I've been talking to Anton about having some sort of auction involving some of the art that I'll be producing involving Matthew Good for my art class.


I've decided that instead of giving it away to someone with the luck of the draw at NF.com, I want to auction it off.

I can't see too many people being interested in bidding on any of my drawings or paintings.

But whatever money is raised I'd give to Amnesty International or Greenpeace, depending on which charity the person would like to give their money to. I chose those two since we all know Matt is for Amnesty and I'm pretty sure Jen is for Greenpeace.


I could make it that the person who wins provides proof of their donation before I send the "art work."

It's just a thought, I don't feel as if any of my work would raise a large amount of money but if you guys like it , then more power to you.


I WANT ALL of the money to be donated . I feel as if I was to take the money for my own gain , I'd be using Matthew to produce my own dirty profit.


If people are interested I'll go through with it in the new year. Plus I think I'd have to get my own copyright information so people like Anton don't make money off my "talent" ;)

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I think that it's a really good idea.


You should definitly go for Amnesty, since it is a Matthew Good themed auction, it's pretty much his charity of choice.


Jen doesn't really have anything to do with anything except that she's married to him, so no one really cares about her.


I also think that eBay would be the way to go. I'm fairly confident that the most money would be raised that way.


Just make it a short auction - perhaps one night?


Good luck with this.

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And this one he looks like a monkey. He looks liek a monkey but not that much.;)

Oh well practice for the big mark project.


Really, I don't like any of my art. I have this way of making people look not real but sorta real and I just want them to look REAL!

When I look at my stuff I say, that's not grade 12 art, that's grade 10.


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Yeah I'd probably get alot of money for that painting eh.

And that would be the most awkward moment of my life so I don't know if I'd do that. unless someone was willing to give 10,000 for it or something.

Actually not even that....

He just reminds me way to much of my father or uncle and just think about how awkward that would be ;)

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