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Matthew Good Contest!

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CHART Magazine's September Back to School issue features Matthew Good on the cover and to celebrate we've got a cool contest for you! You could win one of three Matt Good prize packs consisting of a full artist CD catalogue (including solo and band recordings). That's a whole lotta music!


To enter the contest, you must correctly answer the following question:


What's the name of Matthew Good's latest album?


Email your answer to [email protected] and include:



full address

phone number

email and put "Matthew Good Contest" in the subject heading of your email


Correct answers will be entered into a random draw.


Contest closes at midnight October 15, 2004.

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that's a gay question if you ask me. even a numb nut without a clue about MG music could at least do a net search and get the answer. foolish... completely foolish. that sounds like we're pawning matt off to the middle schoolers. good gah. ach. *stomps around* MATT IS FOR GROWN UPS LIKE ME!!! *pouts a little*





it's still stupid though.

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I doubt they'll be giving away Lo-Fi B-Sides, since Matt himself doesn't even have a copy.


But, then again, there's always a chance....


So would I be a complete asshole if I entered?

I'd say more of a horses ass.


But I entered so come join the ass show.

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Because its the first animal ass that came to my mind.

It's the typical animal ass people think of. It should be some sort of question of family feud. "When we think of an animals ass what kind of animals do we think of first?" The number one answer would be horse.

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Awesome... chances of winning are very slim (considering Lauren has probably entered a couple hundred times) but I'm gonna go for it... the odds of someone from nearfantastic.com winning seem to be quite good.... hehe ;)

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lol, i so agree... basically some guy who just likes/knows about WLRRR could just answer and win... where's the fairness in that... he doesn't even have any appreciation for Matt's work.. other than WLRRR, which he/she prolly still doesn't like as much as us "true" fans... anyways... just a beef you and I share ;)

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screw it... it's the principle of the matter! I will not be a part of something so injust... (omg I'm being so over dramatic that it's scaring me)...I'm just going to have to beat the living shyt out of whoever wins... and I'll know, oh yes... and I will of course do nothing about it.

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i was hoping nobody would find this, since i entered a few days ago....


ChartAttack is actually a bitch with contests. I won the Radiohead prize pack from them but I didn't get it until I complained and sent them about three angry e-mails. It was only in March that I got the prize after winning it in October.

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