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Songs You Never Listen To

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MGB - Let's Get it On





And i will all I Miss New Wave - MGB



Now these 2 songs are some of my favourites on BM. When i first bought the album they were my least favourites

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And to a lesser degree... I can't recall breathing easy, 'cause the defecit rose, built up I suppose... picking up the pieces.... of another fucked up reason for selling off some freedom that was never free....... never absolutely..... never absolutely. *que unbelievable strings instrumentation*


-I, The Throw Away



(note I just wrote that from top of head... therefore mistakes are certain)


hehe. that's never absolutely.


and for my song that I never listen to (most likely cause I'm listening to other MG songs) is HOSAM.... awesome song... it's just I never have time for avalanche anymore ;).

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hehe, good point.... Raygun doesn't get that much play from me either.... but I love every song on it... although Alabama Motel Room and Haven't Slept in Years are on LOTGA... so that's why it's difficult to get it out.... hehe... but Generation X-Wing, Raygun, and especially So Long Mrs.Smith are awesome.

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Yah Change of Season is such a hidden gem.. it's my fav. song and I don't listen to it enough... about 3 years ago, my friend was like: "change of season" is awesome.... I was like, "yah, it's decent"... how times can change especially with musical taste.... weird.

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