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Most Uplifting Matthew Good Song

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Ok, so most everybody would agree that MG has some pretty depressing, thoughtful music--I'm thinking particularly of Audio of Being.


But does anyone have any Matt Good songs that put them in a happy/cheery/upbeat mood?

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First, the conventional answers...



Load Me Up


Radio Bomb

Hopeless ...it just too upbeat sounding not to be.


Now the ones that are...less obvious.

As Long As You're Mine

Double Life

Jenni's Song (don't ask)

North American For Life (in a somewhat cynical way...)

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When I feel like crap I usually listen to "The Fine Art of Falling Apart". It kinda makes me feel better... well not really.


When I'm angry I listen to "Carmelina". I turn that song up so load. It always puts me in a better mood. That would have to be my happy song. I play it when I'm trying to drown out the telephone too. ;)

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