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Most Uplifting Matthew Good Song

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I'd have to go with Carmelina. True, it's more anger-laden than anything else, but when I crank the volume up and sing along with it (when no one's around, of course ;)), all of my anger just melts away somehow, probably because I've found at least some way to express myself, if only in a weird and abstract way.

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Yah, how could I forget Generation X-Wing as well...and Under the Influence... I actually tend to think that x-pats gives me a bit of a lift.. because the tempo tends to accelerate a lot, especially in the acoustic.... the acoustic is so similar to "Disarm" by Smashing Pumpkins in that one part though.... scary ;)

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Guest acrobate

Listening to Underdogs puts me in a very happy mood, especially Deep Six, Everything Is Automatic, My Out of Style Is Coming Back, Rico and The Inescapable Us. I also second Giant and Load Me Up.

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I think that Sort of a Protest Song is a happy song from AoB. I've always thought that MG( B ) makes music thats very sad, but also very hopeful. And I wouldnt say WLRRR is sad, it all makes me angry, and then gets me all passionate about stuff, and stuff.

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when he sings "loves not enough" in rat who would be king i dont know if i feel uplifted, but maybe released. probably one of the most powerful things hes ever sang. i also get tingly on "sort of a protest song" when he sings "A Robot heart for a robot boy who dreamed he was a lion Our lives in these empty spaces aside"

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Hello Time Bomb

Radio Bomb

Generation X-Wing

Change of Season (strange, I know)

Heather's Like Sunday




Coming Out in Purple

Enjoy the Silence cover (also probably quite strange)

Flashdance II (hearing him say "I take my clothes off whenever it suits me"... that does it for me, right there)

Future is X-Rated

Middle Class Gangsters


The Strangest One of All...


but especially

Saturday the 12th

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The only songs that uplift me (at least musically) that haven't already been said in this forum so far that I can think of are Put Out Your Lights, Poor Man's Grey, 21st Century Living, Fell in Love with a Bad Idea and strangely enough one that always gets me up is Look Happy, It's the End of the World (that guitar riff intro always pumps me up)

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