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Did Saved By The Bell Run In Canada?

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by laughing at the college one, i was laughing at how laughably terrible it was.


most frightening thing i've ever seen...

the only reason to ever watch saved by the bell (in any of its 47 different versions)

is to laugh at how horrible it is..


unless youre like, 12, or something

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My favorite thing about it was that Zack would do something really crazy, like steal the Principal's car to impress a girl, and he'd get caught, but instead of getting in trouble, Mr. Belding would say "Let's get even." Then he'd do some equally crazy and unrealistic thing to teach Zack a lesson. A lesson that we could all share in.


Good stuff.

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The College Years were all right, but I did miss Lisa and Jesse.


Anyone know what Dustin Diamond is doing these days? Last I saw he was in a commercial for Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition. He's going places.

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