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The Best Trilogy

Which one, of these, is the best trilogy?  

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  1. 1. Which one, of these, is the best trilogy?

    • Star Wars (the altime classic)
    • Lord of the Rings (better known as "bored" of the rings... lol, I'm clever)
    • Alien Trilogy (lmao, Aliens 3 was terrible)
    • Indiana Jones (respectable)
    • Die Hard (K, I threw this in as a joke... don't vote for this...lol)

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Lord of the Rings was fantastic!


Star Wars is of course great, but George Lucas has mucked them up so bad I can't even remember what they used to be like.


And if we're talking about the best trilogies, I think you're missing the most important one to cinema. I think it had something to do with God? Or Fathers?

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I voted for Star Wars.

LOTR =garbage

Alien =Meh

Indiana Jones =Sufficiently good stuff.

Die Hard= tsk... come on now.


With trilogies though, one or 2 are bound to be crappy. For example the Matrix, the first was good, 2nd was crap, and 3rd was a steaming pile of mule manure.


Again, look at Jurassic Park, the first was real good, the 2nd, not as good but still alright, the last is again the manure from a pack-animal of some kind.


This brings us to Terminator, the only good one of those is T2 Judgement Day.

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You forgot the Back to the future trilogy....haha



...uh oh, time for some action....Tim, Michael, GET READY!



I'm about to flip out, Anna.

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well i got you guy's back....its my job, no?



and if you read far enough in the star wars novels chewy dies...i almost cried....and one of my favourite authors did it too....ugh

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lmao, this is the first time I've actually been scared after hearing a quote.. WTF Alladin.. that's a complete joke... I could have written it... and I would have made the whore (aka Alladin's bitch) as much a skank as she is in the film... lol, I think I've just officially lost my mind. But Alladin is brutal ppl.

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