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Matthew Good (band) Elimination

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Results From Group A

1) Hello Time Bomb 9 vs Giant 16

3) Prime Time Deliverance 13 vs Sort of a Protest Song 11

3) Running For Home 16 vs Load Me Up 9



-At least the PTD vs SOAPS was close. The rest were decided within the first 10 votes!

-Ch-Check Out Match-Up #3.. that could be THE matchup of the tournament!



1) Omissions of the Omen (26-11 --- Ranked #19) vs My Out of Style is Coming Back (34-11 --- Ranked #13)

---“Omissions of the Omen” defeated:

Round 1: Put Out Your Lights 16-2

Round 2: Deep Six: 10-9

---“My Out of Style is Coming Back” defeated:

Round 1: Vermillion 20-3

Round 2: Havent Slept in Years 14-8

My Pick: Omissions of the Omen

Prediction: Omissions of The Omen should knock out My Out of Style with ease.


2) Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production (26-10 --- Ranked #20) vs Suburbia (31-9 –Ranked #10)

---“Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production” defeated:

Round 1: Pony Boy 14-4

Round 2: Pledge of Allegiance 12-7

---“Suburbia” defeated:

Round 1: Blue Skies Over Badlands 11-5

Round 2: Invasion I 20-4

My Pick: Suburbia.. no questions asked!

Prediction: Suburbia is not going to lose now.. Suburbia is in cruise control!


3) Near Fantastica (33-9 -- Ranked #9) vs Failing The Rorschach Test (33-7 --- Ranked #6)

---“Near Fantastica” defeated:

Round 1: In a World Called Catastrophe 19-1

Round 2: Fall of Man 14-8

---“Failing The Rorschach Test” defeated:

Round 1: Song For The Girl 17-4

Round 2: Indestructible 16-3

My Pick: Failing The Rorschach Test.. but that was a TOUGH choice!

Prediction: I’m picking a tie.. with FTRT winning via tiebreak. This is THE main event of group B for sure!

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