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Beautiful Midnight...

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Hey, was just wondering. What is the difference between the two beautiful midnight releases? i have the one that has this track listing:


1. Giant

2. Hello Time Bomb

3. Strange Days

4. I Miss New Wave

5. Load Me Up

6. Failing The Rorscach Test

7. Suburbia

8. Lets Get It on

9. Jenni's Song

10. Going all the way

11. A Boy And His Machine Gun

12. The Future Is X-Rated

13. Born To Kill

14. Running For Home


so which version is that? and whats different/better/worse in the other release?





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The difference is that one is the American release and one is the Canadian release.. you have the Canadian realease... with the right treak listing...


The American treak list has a couple songs on it from Underdogs,.. I guess they figured that because Beautiful Midnight was the going to be the fisrt MGB cd to hit the states that wanted it with the best songs on it...

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American track listing:


1. "Giant"

2. "Hello Time Bomb"

3. "Strange Days"

4. "Deep 6ix"

5. "Load Me Up"

6. "Failing The Rorschach Test"

7. "Suburbia"

8. "Apparitions"

9. "Jenni's Song"

10. "A Boy And His __________"

11. "The Future is X-Rated"

12. "Everything is Automatic"

13. "Born To ____"

14. "Running For Home"


They censored 'Machine Gun' and 'Kill', that's why there are just underlines there. Way to be paranoid, America.


Personally, I much prefer the Canadian version. Having "Deep 6ix" where it is totally destroys the mood of "Strange Days". "I Miss New Wave" does a much better job at continuing the mood. "Everything is Automatic" is far too upbeat to lead into "Born to Kill". I wish my "Beautiful Midnight" had "Apparitions" though.

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Still, that's a killer album.. it's better than the original BM... c'mon... tell me u'd rather have I Miss New Wave over Deep Six.. and you wouldn't want Apparitions and Everything is Automatic in their corresponding spots?


It's a kick ass album... maybe the best one ever assemble by MG(band)?

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I got the American release the day it came out, listened to it once, and put it on my CD rack, where it remains today. Once you listen to the real track listing (Canadian, which I had gotten used to at that point), you can't change it without losing meaning.

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I agree that the Canadian release is far superior. The tracks from Underdogs are great, but Beautiful Midnight is on of the best albums as a whole that I've ever heard. And since I live in Canada, the canadian release is the ONLY Beautiful Midnight.

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Ya, The sound of the band really changed from underdogs to BM, so to tamper with it by adding old songs just ruins a perfect thing. What if they added songs from LOTGA to underdogs? or from BM to AoB? it just ruins a great thing

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I have different variations of the Canadian, US and German versions. And I don't mind the track listing on any of them. But if I had to choose which one to buy I'd prefer the Canadian release since I already have the other songs on Underdogs. Just in case any one is wondering the track listing on the German cd is exactly the same as the Canadian release, just a different album cover.

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