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Best Song Off "Audio Of Being"

What's your favourite song from Audio of Being?  

52 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your favourite song from Audio of Being?

    • Man Of Action
    • Carmelina
    • Tripoli
    • Advertising On Police Cars
    • I, The Throw Away
    • Truffle Pigs
    • The Fall Of Man
    • Under The Influence
    • The Rat Who Would Be King
    • Anti-Pop
    • The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production
    • Sort Of A Protest Song

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You awful, awful man! lol, dammit why can't Workers' get a god damn vote. Even Carmalina has one now! why do these things happen to me... all my songs lose in the voting... ALWAYS! lol. k, I'm going to retire to cry for the rest of the night.

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this is rather interesting we are voting on the "best of the worst" AoB is horrible when you come par it to any other MG(B ) Cd however being that its matt good compare it to anything else and most CDs fall short


althought I voted under the influcance

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I still wonder how Matt can dislike the album. It boggles my mind

I think the reason why he doesn't like the album because of what it represents to him.. he wrote that ablum in a time in his life that was awful for him.. it was right before the band broke up.. he was sick and looked himself in a room for like 3 months... I think that if he had a better time writinga nd recording that album he would like it more.. but I also feel that if he didn't write that album in that state that he was the album wouldn't feel as raw as it does.. I think that is why a lot of his fans like AOB the best because it is so raw... personal... if you know what I mean

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"Revisiting the Audio Of Being was therefore a little strange. While listening to it I didn’t know what to make of some of the subject matter. The songs themselves, the music primarily, I have never been that fond of. I think it’s a record that tried to do far too much, played by players trying to burry each other out of spite. But there are moments when those influences briefly take a back seat, allowing for the possibility of the record to shine through. I say possibility because I think that it could have been a dynamite record had it been approached differently."


"As time passes I often forget lyrics, songs, and other parts written. The lyrics to “Sort Of A Protest Song” are an example of lyrics that I had completely forgotten about until they impacted me quite significantly earlier today."


so, i'd say he dislikes the album for what it stands for to him.. but he realized its not completely garbage

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I think he should do another album then, to replace AoB, but with the same themes, therefore we'd have an extra MG album.... could be called... AoB continued.... or something (I realize this is quite possibly the most retarded idea possible, yet it would equate to more MG so hence the desperate, idiotic idea).

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