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I Want Garden State!

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Hey i dunno how many of you have heard of, or seen Garden State. But i live in the UK and we dont get it here till December 10th!! Im a huge fan of scrubs and cant wait to see this film, i have the soundtrack and have heard so many good things about the film!!! So annoying being in UK! lol. I tried looking for a torrent for it, to download. Anybody know if one exists? I know you might say its stealing, but i really cant wait for this. and even when it does come out here im gonna see it about 6 million times, so its not stealing!


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I saw it - the movie was OK I thought. Being from NJ, I thought it would be more NJ themed - perhaps in a more tasteful way than a Kevin Smith film.


But it wasn't.


It was a simple story for the most part and Natalie Portman's character was lovable. But it's not a movie I'd go see again or anything.


It's even worth waiting til the bit torrent is more widely available, to be honest.

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