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Favourite Film Of All Time?

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I'm gonna sound like a horrible person or something because apparently that's a classic of some kind. But I never did like that movie or the book. I thought it was extremely predictable, from the first pages of the book, I knew for the most part how it was gonna end. I always thought both the film and the book to be very over-rated.

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Predictable? Maybe the ending.... but their are several mini-stories and sub-plots that are are not predictable and are great life lessons.... you disgust me.. lol, j/k. I suppose you have the right to your opinion on this topic... but you probably won't have too many ppl agreeing with you... hehe...

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Starship Troopers (I know, it's a bad movie...but I love it ;))


Followed by:

Bringing Out The Dead

Boondock Saints

Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels

Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2

heh, i saw Starship Troopers in the theatre with my buddy. It was...uhm....not the best sci-fi movie ever but somewhat enjoyable. My favorite part is that big blue alien that shoots missles out ofits butt.


i also like seeing the boobies of that really hot chick.

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Ah yes...the communal showers ;)


Superficial plot, terrible acting, inane dialog...but the propaganda commercials are hilarious, and the special effects are killer. It's what happens when a potential B-movie meets a massive production budget. It's also kinda refreshing to see a movie that doesn't try to paint the humans as undeniably the good guys. No diplomacy, just a ton of killin'


There's a straight-to-dvd Starship Troopers 2 out now, which I hope never to see. It looks absolutely terrible.


EDIT: I've also read the book, which was politically controversial in its time...the two are only loosely related.

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