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Ghetto rock for Princess

Matt Good Fahrenheit 9/11

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No way.


Michael Moore was very famous for Roger and Me which I believe was filmed in 1989 about the General Motors plant closing in Flint Michigan. He's been on the radar for awhile now. Since filming Roger and Me, he's had a film or television documentary to hit the media every other year since then. He's recently announced a new film to come out in 2005 called "Sicko."

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lol, a whole documentary about the health care system, are you kidding me? Michael Moore should not be talking about health... he needs to stop eating them Krispy Kream donuts (dear god they're good). I like Micheal Moore, I'm just making fun of his apparent lack of exercise and such. I should write him a documentary on StairMasters... .lol, classic


Feel free to think I'm a moron.

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Matt good VS Micheal Moore


At one time I like both. Then matt diched the band, and micheal made a couple of questionable movies. Both were risky. Matt good so far has produced amazing things not seen since his LOTGA and earlier. Micheal Moore has lost his way through Bowling for Columbine and Ferinhiet 911. If you want to see micheal at his finest rent "The Awful truth" a show he made that is amazing.


The bottem line is that if the two correponded Matt would get to popular which I belive is not what he wants, and his messsage would be no better then propoganda

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