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If There Is One Thing I Regret

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I'm not even mentioning $NF again.


I think the idea somewhat illicits an environment where people are less inclined to share and more inclined to machine-gun-post in hopes of acquiring shows that you could get elsewhere for free.


I have several full-length shows on my web servers including the Ottawa show, the St. Catharines show, and others from the past (old Toronto shows, etc.). It's too bad I can't just find a trading board.

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Are those shows you have good quality? I could offer something up if they are good.


By the way your new avatar just doesnt have the same "oomph" that peter licking his old nipple had. You should return to the classic.

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I'll tell you what i regret... trying to d/l "Can't Get Shot in the Back..." TWICE... when I got disconnected during the d/l's and therefore lost 100 bux trying to get one god damn song... lol....which proves you can get shot in the back.... oh well.... that song is just bad luck..

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