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Going To See The Deftones!

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for joseph's b-day (oct. 30th) i bought us tickets to go see the deftones play at myrtle beach (sc) house of blues!!


the show is on oct. 16th, exactly two weeks b/4 his b-day.... but, that shouldn't matter, right?


he absolutely looooooves the deftones... so, ..heck, what's 80 bucks anyway?

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I've seen them twice now. The first time was amazing. Almost 3 hours (in retrospectacle estimation) of deftonage spanning every album. The second time Chino was drunk off his ass (Chi thanked Denail and Poison the Well for opening, and Chino made some god awful joke about how he thought they were just one band... Poison Denali. You could hear crickets in the crowd) and they played everything half tempo AND my friend's back windshield had been smashed in with a rock by the time we got out. So who knows on this tour.


And yeah, Chino got fat. He usually loses weight while touring though.

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