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Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit

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now, i realize there are 7 already out, and 8 is being worked on (titled Most Wanted, fyi), but still in all, NFS3 is by far, the greatest. i own them all too. NFS5 has the greatest graphics and game-play, but the concept isn't my favourite. I want a better selection than just Porsche. the rest just dont do it for me, except NFS3.


this is for the pc version, btw. i've played the psx version too, and thats alright, but this little review is for the pc version, which i own. the game engine is pretty good, even for lower end machines. A friend of mine who referred me to the game back in '99 (when the game was a year old) has a Celeron 400, and he's able to run it in software mode without problems. With my Duron 1200, this game works flawless at 1024x768 hardware accelerated.


the best feature is being able to create, edit, and download cars. since i've had this game for so long, i figured i'd start making my own. go to nfscars.net and search for Bloodflame under author. i've only released one so far, but more will come.


your race options are single race, hot pursuit, tournament, and knockout.


single race: simply race against opponents or by yourself, on any track, with any car. you can select up to 8 laps, with 8 opponents max. pretty straight forward.


hot pursuit: race from the cops, or be a cop and catch the speeders. depending on the amount of laps, depends on the amount of tickets before an arrest. choose any track, any car (including police), and 2, 4 or 8 laps, with 3, 5, and 9 tickets respectively. become top cop and most wanted on all tracks to unlock the El Nino and El Nino pursuit.


tournament: race all the tracks against 8 opponent drivers in a scoring method similar to stock car racing. try to win every race to achieve the highest amount of points. unlock certain cars by winning all the tracks.


knockout: race to win against 8 drivers in the first race, 7 in the next, then 6, and so on. after each race, the last place driver is knocked out of the competition. try to stay in untill the end to unlock another car.


after everything is beaten, you unlock a new track, Empire City.


this game is lots of fun to play, and hours of endless fun. even after you beat the game, its always fun to have hot pursuits against friends or against the computer. online gaming is also possible. i play online all the time against my friend who reffered me to the game.


so, kinda a shitty review, but who cares. if you haven't tried already, give this game a go. the graphics may seem a little old school (the game is 6 years old, remember), but its still loads of fun.

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as far as i'm concerned, i think underground should've never came out. I pawned my copy for $30. that's right, 30 fuckin bucks. I guess the pawn shop wanted it badly since its "hot". I don't like it much at all.


IMO, i don't think anything could get much better nfs3. unless they use the same game with a new graphics engine... that would be sweet ;)

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