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Anyone Seen 21 Grams?

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I havent actually seen the movie, but i love the dave matthews song thats on the credits, i hate the dave matthews band, but that song is sooooo good.

i thought it was jeff buckley at first.. i was pained to hear that it was dave matthews.. and i actually liked it. then it got boring


good movie, though

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When I went into this movie I really thought that it would be a bit more of a thoughtful philosophical movie, because of the reason behind the title (that everyone loses 21 grams when they die, so some say that 21 grams is the weight of the soul)

but I don't remember being too impressed by it. It was good, but not what I expected.

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I thought this was the best film of 2003.

21 Grams is not the type of movie for those who are used to renting the latest popcorn "Hollywood Blockbuster Action Flick" where the great American hero saves the world from utter destruction in the end...this is a film about the hunam condition, it's real, intense drama, and the characters must adapt...

The preformances from Penn, Watts and Del Torro are nothing short of amazing.

If you are interested in another brilliant film from director Alejandro Gonzalez Inniaritu, go find "Amores Perros"(2001, Spanish), it stars Gael Garcia Bernal, from "The Mororcycle Diaries" and "Y Tu Mama Tambien."


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