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they did some solo stuff and had babies, did production stuff, etc.

they just came out with their 12th album this year, uh... star trails. i haven't heard it yet though - don't tell them! :angry:


edit: anton, something musta happened to you too, cuz i think 'bone' was from faithlift which was before their last album which was.. uh.. like 96-97.. putting faithlift maybe.. um.. who knows, a couple years before that so... 94... were you even BORN then? ;) (kidding). so there was an album since bone also.

i'm avoiding doing laundry. much of my online time is time spent avoiding doing something that the world deems necessary. grr. :angry: just checked - star trails came out july of this year. 14th? i forget. i just checked 5 seconds ago and my brain is fried. :angry:

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