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Matt On Snl

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No. He's not popular enough here to play SNL. They usually only have multi-platinum selling artists, cheesy pop groups or cutting edge critical darlings play SNL. Plus he doesn't have a record label down here, so I doubt there would be anyone encouraging NBC to book him.

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we should all mail lorne michaels and get him on.

on a seperate note, a friend of mine and i have decided to send a letter to paul martin and/or george w. bush askign why we can't be naked all the time like those tribal people.

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Q) Well who remembers when Tragically Hip became famous in the US?


A) It caught on when they played Grace, Too on SNL. They had their fan base in Northern and Central New York, of course, but they didn't really get great national exposure until that episode.


Follow-up Question.


Q) Who demanded that they be the musical guest for him to host?


A) The one and only... Elwood Blues. (Dan Aykroyd)



Follow-up Question #3


Q) Who did Matthew Good recently do a benefit show with in Kingston, ON?


A) The Tragically Hip, hosted by (again) Dan Aykroyd.


Follow-up Question #4


Q) Could he probably make SNL happen?


A) Yes




Q) Would he?


A) I doubt it....



Come on, people. He just canceled the US branch of his tour because of the cost of the work Visas. Do you really think he'd do it for SNL?



And what would his message be? I hate for the way you voted and I hate the way you're screwing up the world?

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