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Under Ground: The Bands Close To My Heart

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well I must say that music match is the greatest casue of its online radio which will look at the songs you listen to and find similar stuff, absolutly amazing. Some of the best are:



The Lost Prophits

Tirk Turner


Handsome Devil


and I do know some of these bands do have a single out


feel free to post your underground bands

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I was really into Rooney before their record came out. I'd seen them play in tiny clubs around town a few times and thought that they were really great. But their album is just so fucking polished, not at all how they sounded live. I still like them, but not nearly as much.

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'Twould be quite awesome.


My favourite underground artists include:


The Shins


The Shazam

Mendoza Line

Flaming Sideburns




Muse (kinda underground...I think...)


Camper Van Beethoven

Richmond Fontaine

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Kyuss is still the best underground band ever. It was the band Josh Holmes was in before QOTSA. They were late 80's early 90's and were so ahead of the times. The singer sounds like maynard from Tool and they play heavy metal. "I'm not" is my favorite song by them.

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Agreed. Kyuss is awesome. It would benefit everyone to listen to this amazing band.


I don't know if this counts as underground, but Porcupine Tree are amazing too. Very inventive prog-rock English band.

Check out:


Collapse the Light into Earth

Russia on Ice

Don't Hate Me


Heartattack in a Layby

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