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Acoustic Solo Songs

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Good job!

A few of the lyrics are wrong in Strange Days, but it's about the music, not a few words. Overall very good!


Maybe consider mp3 instead of wav to reduce the filesize a bit


But I generally like the originals better, you seem more comfortable with your own material. keep it up.

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Thanks guys ;)


Yay, I know I screwed up the lyrics, I did on my own song Goodnight too. But Im one of those guys who does one take, and saves it how ever it turned out.




Cellar Door came from the movie "Donnie Darko". 'Out of all the phrases in the english language, Cellar Door is the most beautiful'. I wrote the music to that song quite awhile ago, and I thought it sounded pretty, so I named it that. The name stuck when i wrote lyrics.




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