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Final Presidential Debate

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Watched it all. It was a good debate, but Bush and Kerry recycled most of the stuff from the other debates.


This was Bush's best debate so far IMO. He didn't go angry and crazy like the townhall debate. He stood toe-to-toe with Kerry through most of the debate. he actually landed a few good zingers.


Kerry did well also as usual, but i didn't come away with anything huge from him like in the 1st debate. (maybe i don't give a shit because it was about domestic issues rather than stuff that affects Canadians and the world.)


Overall i say it was a tie. But i think Bush will come away better from it because of his 2 previously crappy outings.

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Basiclly the only reason I say Kerry won was because it was so shatty that just because Bush is the incumbent he should have done better, and his momentum is losing force compared to Kerry's. I noticed him starting to shout a little bit and had to be told by the moderator that his time was up. No one candidate dealt any good blows, and all their attempts at jokes were just hollow.

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