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Matthew Good [band] Elimination

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Results From Group C

1) Apparitions 26 vs Alert Status Red 4

2) Advertising on Police Cars 20 vs The Rat Who Would Be King 10

3) Weapon 19 vs Tripoli 11



- That round had the most votes ever!! Thanks for participating!!!! ;)

- Apparitions set a new record for most votes in one round with 26.



1) While We Were Hunting Rabbits(32-10 --- Ranked #12) vs A Boy and His Machine Gun (33-12 –Ranked #17)

---“While We Were Hunting Rabbits” defeated:

Round 1: Hopeless 18-2

Round 2: TheInescapable Us 14-8

---“A Boy and His Machine Gun” defeated:

Round 1: Going All The Way 17-6

Round 2: We’re So Heavy 14-6

My Pick: A Boy and His Machine Gun.. gotta go with my 2nd favourite MGB song!

Prediction: I’m thinking the sadness of WWWHR is gonna be enough to steal a win.


2) Born To Kill (23-20 --- Ranked #24) vs Avalanche (27-17 --- Ranked #22) <<<<< HOW IS THAT FOR A BIG TIME MATCHUP!!!!!

---“Born To Kill” defeated:

Round 1: Man of Action 12-9

Round 2: Everything is Automatic 11*-11

---“Avalanche” defeated:

Round 1: Symbolistic White Walls 13-7

Round 2: Antipop 14-10

My Pick: I listened to both songs.. twice.. and well I’m stuck.. I’ll go with Avalanche..

Prediction: I think Avalanche pulls out the win but barely. I sense a lot of torn emotions and agony to make this pick.


3) Strange Days (38-4 -- Ranked #2) vs The Future is X-Rated (36-9 --- Ranked #7)

---“Strange Days” defeated:

Round 1: Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance 22-1

Round 2: Flashdance II 16-3

---“The Future is X-Rated” defeated:

Round 1: My Life as a Circus Clown 20-3

Round 2: North American For Life 16-6

My Pick: The Future is X-Rated… although Strange Days is one of the best songs as well. I just love FXR.. so fun!

Prediction: Strange Days made it far last time.. and it should make it to the elite top 12.



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1) While We Were Hunting Rabbits (easy choice for me)

2) Avalanche (although it is my favourite song, I still love born to kill so this was somewhat agonizing)

3) Future is X-Rated (because it also has the slow version which is oh so good)

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