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One Of My Fav Photographers

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Some of you might have heard of him or know him for being able to get thousands of people to take their clothes off.

I love the statement that it gives.....plus the nudity is too cool too.


He travels the world to take pictures of nudes from other counties.

He has been arrested in America, NY City, for public nudity but wasn't charged.


I think this photographer is showing the vulnerability of the human body in a moving and artistic way.

There are so many different kinds of people brought together and for once, we all look equal and helpless. What do you guys think of this kind of performance art?


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Oh well .. Some people are just not into nudity. Alot of peopel think that being NAKED is a private thing and should only become aware behind closed doors.


Well I'd like to run down town naked just because.

I suppose it's just learning how to accept being nude as not a perverted thing.

There are alot of sick people out there, but it doesn't mean the nudity is.

Can you imagine if everyone stood at a concert naked. Hahaha.

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im all about being naked.

i don't think about myself as a sexual being most of the time.. i don't think of my body as something someone could want or, for that matter, not want. that makes it alot easier to just be naked.

i would love to be photographed naked.

but not laying down on a public area.. can you say diseases?

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i can help!


i dont see what they big deal with nakedness is...the more nudity i see the less spectatcular it seems...that beign said there seems to be a special sort of intimacy and electricity around private one on one nakedness...i guess it has something to do with all the "sharing of both body and mind and soul "overtones" there


and i have heard about this guy...i was watching a show about people who were being trained how to model for the pictures... and they discussed how you slowly and calmly get undressed...do your thing...then have to rapdily recloth and book it...it was funny stuff

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