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Liquid Tension

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I recently downloaded a song called "Liquid Tension" it was labelled as very rare and said to be by Matthew Good Band. It doesn't sound like the typcial MGB music but I can't tell by vocals because it's an instrumental. Anyone know about this?? Does it really have anything to do with MGB??

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opps, did it again. Misread... I thought you were saying that you loved the spaces between Matthew_Good_Band. Like the actual spaces when tying it....


On another note: that's how my sister found MGB. She was downloading Dave Matthews Band songs and she saw one she had never heard of 'Change of Season', so she downloaded it and loved it but realized it wasn't DMB, then she found out it was MGB--and that brings us current.

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Well at least with Dave Matthews, Matthew Ryan, etc you can determine as a mis-lableled song as MGB because of the vocals...this thing doesn't have any, but yeah, I pretty much figured it waas by some other band...don't like it very much either.

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I knew it was Acid Rain by Liquid Tension Experiment.. heh.


I downloaded it once out of curiousity and had to find out what it really was myself.


Restasured, Matt had nothing at all to do with it, but LTE is still pretty good, they are a Dream Theatre side project.


Beat me to it.


Note: the guitarist of LTE and Dream Theatre is John Petrucci.


Also, how in the hell could anyone attribute that to Matt Good...?

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