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Oct. 15th Show

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good show all in all, setlist is below, limblifter was really good, auf der maur... meh wasn't a huge fan but it was ok i guess... a highlight - Matt giving a couple guys the third degree for being rowdy (and how that behavior is unacceptable with all the stuff going on in the world) this was right in the middle of buffalo seven, so they just stopped the song and after he was done giving them hell, they launched right back into it - super cool. not sure on the order of this list buuuut i think its all the songs he played.


Apparitions (right out of the gate! acoustic!)

Weapon (love this song live, just excellent)

Alert Status Red (great song live)

Avalanche (suuuuuper extended version, A+)

The Rat Who Would Be King (alot of people were looking around like what the hell is this? very very good live)

Buffalo Seven (so good, especially with the pause, these guys have some kinda connection really, Matt just started playing again and the other three were all over it)

Hello Time Bomb (i love whatever effect they put on the bass when this is played live)

Put Out Your Lights (good song)

Poor Man's Grey (had the place jumping)

In Love With A Bad Idea (feel good kind of song)

Load Me Up (sounded great, although it was cut short, reason unknown)

Blue Skies Over Badlands (i love how this song builds up towards the end)



Pledge of Allegiance (really really good live, i liked it alot)

Big City Life (hadn't heard this before, its a gooder)

Empty Road (yeeeeehawwww i like this one better with the electric guitar instead of steel)

Can't Get Shot In The Back (it amazes me how well Matt captivates the audience when its just him and a guitar - it was killer!)



The whole band was really tight and put together, the limblifter guys said it best "this is the best Matt Good has ever been". i missed not hearing 21st century living and carmelina, and i still would kill to hear prime time deliverance, born to kill and change of season live.... maybe next tour...

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Yes indeed... a great show.

Limblifter was good...

Auf Der Maur wasn't really my thing... (also i couldn't hear the singer at all, i guess it was poorly mixed, i dunno)


But Matt and co. were at the top of their game. Awesome show. Band was tight, great setlist. I just wish it was longer...


'Can't get shot in the back' was a great surprise for sure. Solo Matt on acoustic is AMAZING.


All in all, awesome show. I got a great spot too - right between Matt and Christian, right against the front railing. Where did all the rest of you attendees get to be?

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yeah, load me up was missing its intro lick, replaced by a different, less harsh sounding one. it was still good, but after the second chorus they just ended the song.. kind of strange considering the best part is when it speeds back up from the slow portion... i was standing on the right, really close to the front, directly in front of rich..

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It was good. No wait, I lied, it was amazing. Auf der Maur sucked intensly. I don't think there is any amount of suck that could compare to them, they defied the laws of physics with their suckiness.


Anyway, it was amazing except for the girl behind me screaming loudly pretty much on a consistant basis. I was right in front of Christian at the front railing, to the left of Sir Ravenous(underscore)Yam, to be exact. All in all, on a scale of 3-6 I definitely give it a 6. It was a billion times better than the chinese food I ate today.


Though, I wasn't really dissapointed with the lack or Rico's presence, as were some of the crowd.


Limblifter was good, though Dahle's voice was hard to hear. Bradfield's bass was bigger than her, so it was funny.


Auf der Maur's lead bassist/singer had the creepiest eyes.


Jugo juice was expensive, but I didn't buy anything. The t-shirts and other merchandise were equally expensive in their own respect. I think Apparitions was done extremely good with the solo-acoustic, because we can all agree that Matt Good on solo acoustic is comparative to Jesus, if he were to play guitar (no offence to people who are offended).


I just dropped my mouse on my guitar and it didn't even dent...either of them, what a tough piece of technology.

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my only guess on load me up would be that maybe that was played by Dave Genn? i've noticed that the parts he used to play are either changed or removed these days... as for alert status red, pretty true to the album version, just works well as a live song...

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the show was great, the paly list was great, the audiance was great. All I can say is that matt was amazing and when he played can't get shot in the back it was weird being one of hte only peoiple suddenly singing along. The rest of the group just went quiet. a different experiance then when everyone is singing hello time bomb.


If he keeps this up matt is going to be putting on some of his best shows across the country

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Who comes on first, usually? I might be late if I get tickets to go, and I kinda want to miss Auf der Maur more than Matt or Limblifter.

Heh, why does no one seem to like Auf der Maur very much? I've personally never seen her in concert, and I don't think I've ever heard anything by her, but is she really that bad?

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Auf der Maur is...sort of like 'I-wanna-be-super-hardcore-but-I-actually-suck"

All 4 or 5 of her songs sounded like one BIG song, and her only decent one was her bass solo end song. She was barely audible, but when I could hear her I didn't want to anymore. When she was singing, it was like somebody dropped a car battery on my sack.

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