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longest song

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Order of all MGB songs over 6 minutes:


The War Is Over - 7:51

Change of Season - 7:20

Advertising on Police Cars - 7:06

Man of Action - 6:58

The Rat Who Would Be King - 6:46

Sort of a Protest Song - 6:33

She's Got A New Disguise - 6:13

Giant - 6:10


hope this helps ;)

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I'm not the one being a douche by stiring up shit.

WOW, i've never been called a douche before, but I never thought i'd be called one for making a joke on a MG fan board. Obviously i missed the fact that it said MGB song, so in order to try and save myself, while trying to be funny, i made a joke.


BTW, Dan, anger management helps a lot.

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Blue Skies Over Bad Lands is 8:14

814 of total crap.

i used to like you ;)



I don't know what's normal, but when he played BSOBL at the fredericton show, it was upwards of 12 minutes.

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