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South Park

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I don't watch it ALL THAT frequently, but the episode that really made me laugh the most is when they were debating whether or not to change the town flag because it depicts a lynching.


Klan leader: "Alright good work brothers, now let's all go get a hot shower."



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Most of my favorites are from Season 7. The one where Timmy and Jimmy join the Crips is awesome, as well as the one where Cartman has a hand puppet of Jennifer Lopez that Ben Affleck is falling in love with. Also thought the first one with Mr. Slave was pretty funny as well.

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the movie was amazing but that doesn't really count as an epidode so either the one thats all taurence and phillip and theres the rough riders vs the rough riders at canada stadium and celine dion and kd and ugaly bob or the one where butters is prof chaos or the one with the goddamn mongolians tearing down the city wall

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i like the 1 with Michael Jackson its so funny. and u finally see wat KENNY LOOKS LIKE!!!!!!!! and i like i like the one were wal-mart comes to town. ( im still laughing for the wal-mart one )

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