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South Park

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i just bought the 4th season on DVD, i'm a few behind, but the single best moment ever was when Mel Gibson shat on Cartman's head. it came out of nowhere and i laughed soooo hard...


I do like the Chef Goes Nanners.


Hot Showers! Hot Showerers!

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You're all nuts, the one where Cartman becomes a psychic when he tries to fly off a building and while he's recovering, he makes some stupid predictions that come true and the police believe he has abilites. The two best parts are:


1) When the "real" psychics come and try to make Cartma join them (you see, they paid the $20 and got the diploma from the magazine) when he refuses, they end up in a big battle... aka. Cartman and the psychics gestures at each other and go "WOO WOO WOO WOO"


2) When the real seriel killer answers the door and the cops ask him his name, he's wearing a dirty trenchcoat with cotton panties and a bra on underneath, his eyes go wide and he says low "God..." and the cops just walk in, not paying any attention to the signs he's the killer.


On second thought, there isn't a best South Park episode... rather great South Park moments.

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I can't really pick a favourite episode because alot from season 4-8 was really funny. Props go to the Special Olympics Epsiode where we see Timmy use steriods to help him compete. The Lemiwinks episode was really funny too.

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my fav episode right now has to be either Good Time With Weapons (the japanimation is hilarious) or the Woodland Critter Christmas


and Butters is the coolest guy, aside from Kenny who we all know and love


and isn't it "Butters Stotch?"

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The funniest character that South Park has came up with lately was Jimmy. I feel that Timmy on the other hand is really hella lame.


I have to give props to Eric Cartman though he's one funny ass kid.

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TheRealCrippleFight.rm found in the "Specials - Other Stuff" area @ Mr. Twig.net


I was surfing around the net looking for some cool SP stuff and I found this 5minute video that was the basis for Season 5 - Episode 2 "Cripple Fight" where Jimmy fights Timmy. It's from a movie "They Live", I might have to rent this or buy it next time I lookin in the $.99 bin.


go to: Mr.Twig.net for south park goodness.


Ohh yeah, Season 9 begins March 9 on Comey Central (but downloadable for those canadian viewers).

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