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First Mg(b) Concert

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Saturday, Septermber 21, 2002




It was at the Kee to Bala, in Bala, Ontario. It was a beautiful day, and my friend Steve and I waited outside in his Tahoe listening to Matt Good for hours (we came early). It was our birthday present to each other (we have the same bday - Sept 26). We were super lucky for being early, because we got to meet Matt before he went in for sound check. And I yelled at Rich and he waved at me.


It was incredible. The show was AMAZING.

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Were there a lot of hot chicks (hicks aren't considered hot chicks to me)

Ummm... I'm a chick. Are you still wondering?

yes, yes i am... ;)


And are you hot?....


saw a few hot one's up there when i was up to a buddies cottage for the week...MOON RIVER BABY!

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My first time seeing MGB perform was a part of the Edgefest tour in 1998. The date was July 8th, and it was my second real concert (the first being a few months earlier with Matchbox Twenty). About nine months prior to Edgefest I heard Everything Is Automatic, fell in love with the sogn and eventually the CD. My good friend came to the show with me as he enjoyed Underdogs almost as much as I did.


The guys were playing on the small stage that year and while it was a short set a few songs from Ghetto Astronauts were played. I had only heard Underdogs so the songs played from any previous release went over my head. It was a good show, even if the fine details of that day have been forgotten. The guys played well and loud, definitely ignited the spirit of rock within me. I do remember that the next band to play on the small stage following MGB was Creed, which amuses me now to think back on that.


Following the show the guys did an autograph session where I got my Underdogs CD signed. That was also the same day I decided against buying the special HMV offer of Underdogs bundled with Lo-Fi B-Sides because I already had a copy of Underdogs. I have regretted that decision for the last six years...

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